How to highlight your shapes with a sexy crop top?

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Do you know how to wear sexy crop tops for women at work or are you one of those people who thinks this piece is just limited to casual day-to-day events? Versatile, tops are a must-have on the hottest days and, contrary to what it looks like, they can accompany you in any situation. 

So, whether at the beach, at lunch with friends, or the office, you will certainly use it a lot. With a sexy and relaxed feel, this is the type of piece that is worth the investment, regardless of your style, weight, age, etc.

So, see how to wear a crop top in everyday life, at work, and much more.

How to wear a top in everyday life?

For everyday life, composing fashionista looks with the backless crop top is simple and easy. After all, this piece is “the face” of occasions such as a trip to the mall, lunch with friends, happy hour, etc.

So, whether with shorts, skirts, or pants, the great secret to creating a “sexy without being vulgar” look is betting on high-waisted pieces. That's because when you wear a crop top with clothes that have a high waistband, your belly button and belly are not exposed. On the feet, you can bet on sneakers, flats, or heeled sandals.

How to wear a top at work?

Despite the cropped top being a piece that refers to casual situations, you can use it at work. The great trick to take the top to the office look is to bet on models that are wider and, thus, do not mark the body.

On the other hand, the trick of composing the production with high-waisted pieces is still valid. Thus, the ideal is to wear the top with pants and skirts, preferably tailored. To finish off the look, a blazer and dress shoes like pumps, loafers, etc. are a sure bet.

How to wear a crop top at night?

At nighttime occasions such as bars, parties, restaurants, etc., you can enjoy and explore all the sensuality and freshness inherent in tops.
Thus, transparent cropped, with cleavage and/or tighter are valid. However, to maintain elegance, do not forget to wear the piece with skirts, pants, or shorts with a high waist.
In addition to being sensual, cheap festival sets for going out at night can be more sophisticated and thus appear in nobler fabrics such as lace, leather, or velvet. Shiny tops are also great proposals for night looks. Finally, you can also create a hi-lo look by wearing a simple top with a more interesting skirt or pants that have details like fringes, glitter, etc.

How to wear a crop top: the 3 favorite style tricks of celebrities and bloggers?

Now that you know how to wear a cropped top in various day-to-day and night-time situations, learn how to create stylish and modern looks with the darling piece of celebrities and fashionistas.

Cropped top over shirt:

A styling trick that is very popular and that fashionistas and celebrities love is wearing the top over the shirt. In this way, the cropped works as a third piece and creates an interesting and modern overlay. You can wear it over t-shirts, shirts, t-shirts and even dresses.

Top with coat:

Wearing a top with a coat is a trend that has been growing a lot lately and has appeared in full force at international fashion weeks. That way, you can use the cropped with various coat models such as jackets, blazers, and even trench coats. On warmer days, wear the piece with vests and add more to your summer looks.

High-waisted top:

Although the belly button has come back into fashion, we don't always feel comfortable going out there with our belly button showing, do we?
Therefore, the ideal to feel comfortable is to wear a top with high-waisted pieces. That way, just a little bit of skin will be exposed and so, in addition to being sexy, you will also look modern and super young.

How to wear a crop top: conclusion:

Light and funky, cropped tops are perfect pieces to wear on hot days. Despite having a sensual mood, it is possible to use them on more formal occasions such as work, for example.

After all, sexy crop tops for women are versatile pieces that you can adapt to any situation, from the beach to the office. In the end, everything will depend on the model you choose and, of course, the accessories and other pieces you compose with it.

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