Finding the right jeans for you

Finding the right jeans for you
A scenario that most women have been in is trying to find the right jeans for their body type, the style they want to pursue, or even just a casual pair to feel great in. Finding women's jeans that are right for you can be an absolute nightmare.

From getting the old school black ripped jeans womens to getting the classy denim that is going to make heads turn, there is no denying that jeans are iconic for a reason. They are versatile, most of the time comfortable (depending on the look that is required), and they can make an impression without breaking your bank balance.

There are different types of women's jeans, which depend on what rise, wash, fit or style you want.

Depending on the rise preferred, there are three types. Low, mid, and high. What this means is where does the jean fit in correlation to your navel, so for a low rise, it is two inches below the navel, mid is just below the navel, and high rise sits on or above it. These different styles are great for women who have higher set hips or lower set hips as then the material can better complement their bodies.


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