Add these shapewear pieces to your shopping cart for Christmas

How many times have you bought a new dress for Christmas but left it in your closet because you didn't have the right underwear? We want you to show off your clothes or maybe try something new because Christmas is coming up. Whether you're buying shapewear for the holidays or to wear every day, you might feel like you're buying a bra. You want one that lets air in, gives you support, and is comfortable without being too tight. In the end, shapewear is a personal choice, so you must choose one that looks good on your body and fits with your holiday plans.

We've picked out some of our favorite Popilush shapewear options for women to help them on their way to shapewear glory on this Christmas. Shapewear is available for everyone, from best shapewear for dress to asymmetrical shorts to go with your favorite high-slit dress. Scroll down and see the best pieces of shapewear to your Christmas shopping cart.

  • Built-in Shapewear Modal Soft Lounge Dresses


Built in shapewear dresses are a great choice for people who don't like slips and who like the way shorts look and feel. Also, many of these can be worn without a bra, which makes them a versatile option for a deeper neckline. Use these Popilush Shapewears to get a great body shape for Christmas.

  • Square Neck Thong Bodysuits

These Popilush Thong bodysuits will be a great choice for Christmas. It keeps your middle in place, shapes you perfectly, and lifts your back. The best thing about it is that it shows off your natural shape. This is something you need to buy.

  • High Waist Active Stretch Faux Leather Leggings


For your less formal Christmas plans, shaping leggings are a great way to wear shapewear that looks great and doesn't draw attention to itself. Yes, you can wear some leggings as shapewear, and they are just as great and comfortable as they look. These leggings have a tummy panel or reinforced waistband that supports the stomach and makes it look thinner. You can wear this under your main dress on Christmas Day. It will give you great legs and a flat stomach.

  • Shaping Slips dress